A disclosure of Austria-Hungary’s imperial “cultural mission” in Bosnia – Jelica Belović-Bernadzikowska’s views on gender, religion and nation / Razotkrivanje austro-ugarske “kulturne misije” u Bosni – Pogledi Jelice Belović-Bernadzikowske na rod, religiju

  • Amela Poljak
Keywords: Belović-Bernadzikowska, Austria-Hungary, gender, religion, nation, “cultural mission”


The author argues that Jelica Belović-Bernadzikowska participated in the deployment of the idea of Europeanization of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but not strictly as part of a broader politics of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to integrate this newly acquired territory more easily into its borders. On the contrary, she rather displayed a sense of disdain toward the inefficient mechanisms of power of the imperial state which allowed a flow of corruption and nepotism in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Austro-Hungarian period, which intersected with gender, nation and/or religion, that she felt compelled to criticize.