Radovi Filozofskog fakulteta Promotion, book XXI

(University of Sarajevo's Faculty of Philosophy, 12/11/2018)

On Monday, November 12, a new issue of Radovi Filozofskog fakulteta (Book XXI) had a promotion whose realization was made possible by the members of the Redaction: the editor-in-chief Amela Šehović, the editors Alena Ćatović and Amila Kasumović, members Kenan Šljivo, Đenita Haverić, Adijata Ibrišimović-Šabić, Lejla Osmić and Nadina Grebović-Lendo, as well as the secretary of the Redaction Nelma Rahmanović, along with the contribution of the foreign members: Hrvoje Jurić (Zagreb, Croatia), Mirjana Marinković (Belgrade, Serbia), Edvard Protner (Maribor, Slovenia), and Branko Tošović, professor emeritus (Graz, Austria).

In his address to all the present colleagues and the students, the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Muhamed Dželilović, PhD emphasized, among other things, the significance of the Redaction’s hard work in initiating the indexing procedure. Besides creating the necessary conditions for a broader recognition of the scientific-research activities by the fellow-workers of the Faculty of Philosophy within a global academic network, this would also give possibility for the much needed space and platform for the approbation of the scientific researches of the younger colleagues in new circumstances of the scientific work.

The editor-in-chief, Amela Šehović, PhD, in her address, emphasized the importance of including authors from both BiH and the region, as well as from a wider, international region, where indexing of such scientific magazine represents a necessary condition and the first step.

The magazine Radovi Filozofskog fakulteta has been referenced for two years in the Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL), and currently it is in its final stage of indexing process in the base EBSCO, which is the result of long standing efforts of both past and current members of the Redaction. Currently they are trying to index it in other world bases, as well, such as Erich – emphasized the editor-in-chief.

In the new issue of Radovi, articles from humanistic, social and information sciences have been included, which shows a diversity of philological topics studied at the Faculty of Philosophy.

At the promotion, the editor-in-chief presented six articles from the first section of the magazine with different philological topics, while the editor Amila Kasumović, PhD, presented five works from the non-philological field.

Besides the articles, reviews of the recent books, primarily in the field of linguistics, were published.  After them there are amended Instructions for authors written in both our and English languages, as well as the contact of all authors.

In the end, the promotion was concluded with the hope that this issue of Radovi will motivate and encourage colleagues to collaborate, and that the following issues will bring even more useful contents, significant findings, new and interesting researches. Only in such a way, the tendencies of the Redaction, just as the goals and purpose of our Faculty magazine shall be realized.