The Centre for Scientific Research and Expert Activities (NIRSA) was formed in 2010, as an organisational subunit of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo.

The NIRSA Centre activities include research activities in philosophy, sociology, history, history of art, archaeology, pedagogy, philology, linguistics (including applied linguistics), teaching methodology, literary-historical sciences and librarianship, social pedagogy, anthropology and ethnology, as well as activities with regard to professional development, diploma recognition, mother tongue (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian) and foreign language knowledge testing, supplementary exams, translation, proofreading, pedagogical and permanent education, publishing, consultancy, expert services, as well as teaching, scientific and expert activities in accordance with the Law.

The Centre for Scientific Research and Expert Activities (NIRSA Centre) consists of:

1. Institute for Theoretical, Analytical and Applied Research in Social Disciplines and Humanities

2. Institute for Archaeology

3. Institute for Literature and Cultural Studies

4. Centre for Languages (Centre for Foreign Languages; Centre for Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian Language)

5. Centre for Psychological Research, Education and Counselling

6. Centre for Permanent Development and Lifelong Learning

7. Scientific and Research Incubator (ZINK)

8. Centre for Historical Research

9. Peace Education Hub