Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo, is responsible for educating - through teaching, scientific and research processes - capable, creative and internationally competent experts in all areas of interest for the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to be able to execute, professionally and accurately, the demanding tasks of the contemporary economy in the European and global political, social, humanistic and cultural context.


Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo, will - through a teaching process based research, innovation, and academic excellence – educate the primarily bearers of development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and will initiate the creation of new solutions and creative ideas, contributing thus to the knowledge-based sustainable development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Faculty will act as part of the University of Sarajevo and as part of the integrated European Higher Education Area through the implementation of the common standards established in the Bologna Declaration, and will also reflect intensive cooperation with other universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the area of former Yugoslavia, the European Union and worldwide.