Within the framework of the Erasmus+ Staff Exchange Programme we spent a couple of weeks at the Université Paris Diderot (Paris VII). This teaching mobility has enhanced our professional development and boosted our teaching and communication skills. The most visible added value of the mobility was the further strengthening of already existing relations between the two chairs (sending and host chair) and the subsequent improvement of our research, training and teaching capacities. The contacts that we have established at the History Department of the Paris Diderot University will certainly help expand the network of our home institution and will serve as an important part of its internationalisation strategy. Finally, it is expected that experiences gained through this teaching mobility would help develop curricular reform of Methodology and South East European History at our own Department of History.

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During our stay in Paris, we have attended seminars and lectured MA students enrolled in the “Histoire et civilisations comparées” MA programme. Within the Seminar “Frontières” Emir O. Filipović talked about “Frontiers in the history of a typical frontier region: Bosnia from the Middle Ages to the end of the nineteenth century”, while Amir Duranović gave a lecture titled “SHAPING MODERN BOSNIA: Bosnian Borders During 19th and 20th Century”. Emir O. Filipović delivered a lecture on “The reception of chivalric ideals in medieval Bosnia” for the Seminar “Savoirs et savoir-faire en histoire medievale”, whereas Amir Duranović gave talks on “Remembering Centenary: Sarajevo 1914-1917-2014-2017” (Seminar “Revolutions et contre-revolutions: Rusie – Europe – Euroasie”), and “Reforming Ottoman Bosnia” (Seminar “Histoire sociale et culturelle des mondes musulmans méditerranéens”). We also gave a joint presentation about the University of Sarajevo under the title: “Writing history of Europe in Bosnia Today”.

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